Wells of Salvation

Wells of Salvation: About Us

Wells of Salvation was born from a calling from God. So many people around the world are affected by a shortage of clean, accessible water. Up to 80%of illnesses in the developing world are linked to inadequate water and sanitation. In many countries, walking to get water for the household is an all day affair and in some places there are canal fees that put families into debt for generations.

Our goal, our vision, is to break those chains of bondage and debt and share clean water and living water to those who need it.

Meet the Team

Jamison "Sparkplug" Birchfield

CEO & Founder

Sparkplug is on a Mission from God. He's been called to live the life of a Disciple and his obedience to God's will gave the idea of Wells of Salvation life.

Ashir Naveed

Pastor & Foreman

Ashir is a pastor and is the foreman of the operations, overseeing and facilitating all of the wells being built throughout Pakistan.

Justin Kincaid

I.T Director

Justin is the information technology director for Wells of Salvation and manages the websites, interviews, and media.