Wells of Salvation

Jesus & Water

By supporting this mission, you enable us to provide the people of Pakistan life saving water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Who we are

We are on a mission from God. The Wells of Salvation project is based on Isaiah 12:2-5.

Our goal is to provide clean, safe drinking water at no cost to the people of Pakistan. The people there are living there as modern day slaves, many are living on about $7 a day, working 12 hour shifts.

From that they pay for their shelter, food and water. Many have no electricity or plumbing. The only water source is a canal 2 to 7 miles away. When they arrive, they are charged for the water or they are go in generational debt.

What we do

Our local team source materials, dig the well hole, and install hand pump wells through the slums and villages of Pakistan. Each well, costing only $300 is installed and maintained by our local facilitator, Pastor Ashir Naveed.

These wells provide water in each Chak (village) of over 150 people and will last over 20 years.

Our goal is simple: provide life saving water that will help generations of Pakistani people improve their lives, stay out of generational debt, and ease the suffering of the water crisis in their area.

All proceeds of Well of Salvation go directly to the mission.

We do not take any “admin fees” or any other compensation for this project.

A full breakdown of our finances, in and out, is available on our website’s financials page.